Alice Safe Online Surfing Contest

(from the Alice-Teachers listserv)

To all Alice educators using Alice 2.2 with middle school or high school students.

This is a call for Alice teachers to participate in a test of the new FBI Safe Online Surfing (SOS) Alice Challenge website. Participation must occur sometime before April 30.

Participating teachers (and their students) will prepare an Alice animation that emphasizes how to be safe online. Student animations will be submitted to the Alice Challenge by uploading the Alice world and a video of the animation running. Participating students will receive a certificate from the FBI. The Alice Project will provide Alice T-shirt awards to the winning students.

The FBI has reorganized its Safe Online Surfing project with a new web site and a new Alice Challenge. The site has two parts: A game that will act as a learning tool and an Alice Challenge. Although the game part of the site is still under construction, the Alice Challenge is ready for a test run.

If you are interested in participating in this test run, please reply directly to:

Those who indicate an interest in participating in the test run of the Alice Challenge will receive an email with further information.

Wanda Dann
Director, Alice Project
Carnegie Mellon University

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