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2014 Alice PD Workshop – Login and File Open/Save Instructions


Login to the Windows OS using the following username and password:

username: 279user
password: 279Lab@Sdsc

When you have successfully logged in you should see an Alice 2.4 folder on the desktop. Double-click it to open it and double-click the Alice.exe icon to run Alice.

To open files, navigate to “279user on Vault”>>Alice2.4>>Required>>textbookexampleworlds.

To save your own files, navigate to “279user on Vault”>>Alice2.4>>Required>>workshop_files. Create a folder with your name. Save your files there.

To save files to a flash drive while in the VM

Locate the black bar along the top of the VM window. Click the link to open the USB connection.


ComPASS Team Develops New Online Curriculum to teach Alice

New Online Curriculum

The ComPASS team of developers are in the process of creating an online curriculum for Alice based on Dr. Beth Simon’s own CSE3 course curriculum used at UCSD’s Sixth College. This new version will use Google Sites. There will be a version for teachers and a separate version for students. We hope to have the lessons completed in time for the start of winter quarter, 2013.

Explore the Student Version.

SDSC Hosts Raspberry Pi Educational Demonstration

SDSC hosted a box lunch to try out and learn about the $25 Raspberry Pi computer in December, 2012.

The event was put on by New Blankets, and paying attendees received a Raspberry Pi kit (board, power supply, 8GB SD card), a box lunch, plus a little help to build a technology lending library. The demos covered the hardware, using Pure Data for audio processing, and whatever other cool demos we think of.

The Raspberry Pi is an ARM-based computer with 512MB of RAM, ports for audio, RCA video, USB, HDMI, and Ethernet, an SD card slot (used for the OS), and powered by 5V from a micro USB connection. Several Linux distributions are available, including Debian and QtonPi, which is designed for embedded development.

The Pi has tremendous potential as a teaching technology because of its affordability and small size. Some applications such as Alice will not currently run on the Pi until the amount of on-board memory is increased to at least 1 Gb. We can’t wait!!

2013 Alice Symposium details announced

The Third Alice Symposium will be held on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at Duke University in Durham, NC. There will be two-day Alice workshops (Alice 2.3 and Alice 3.1) and related workshops both before and after the Symposium on June 17-18 and June 20-21, 2013.

Some of our ComPASS cohort may be interested in attending or sharing with colleagues. There will be some stipends for room and board.