SDSC Hosts Raspberry Pi Educational Demonstration

SDSC hosted a box lunch to try out and learn about the $25 Raspberry Pi computer in December, 2012.

The event was put on by New Blankets, and paying attendees received a Raspberry Pi kit (board, power supply, 8GB SD card), a box lunch, plus a little help to build a technology lending library. The demos covered the hardware, using Pure Data for audio processing, and whatever other cool demos we think of.

The Raspberry Pi is an ARM-based computer with 512MB of RAM, ports for audio, RCA video, USB, HDMI, and Ethernet, an SD card slot (used for the OS), and powered by 5V from a micro USB connection. Several Linux distributions are available, including Debian and QtonPi, which is designed for embedded development.

The Pi has tremendous potential as a teaching technology because of its affordability and small size. Some applications such as Alice will not currently run on the Pi until the amount of on-board memory is increased to at least 1 Gb. We can’t wait!!

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