Computer Science: Creating a Village for Educators

Teachers, master teachers, schools, districts, and university partners are working together with a shared goal—expand and diversify participation in CS education.

While district partners establish, grow, and sustain CS programs, university researchers study how schools and districts accomplish their goals. As computing pervades our lives, the demand for computing skills continues to grow. ALL students should have opportunities to pursue careers in computing, and K12 education opens up opportunities. Diversifying the field of computing broadens the talent base for innovation, benefiting everyone.

What Are We Doing in CS-CaVE?

Latest News!

CS-CaVE Celebrates CS Success!

Teachers and administrators from San Diego Unified School District, Vista Unified School District, and Sweetwater Unified HS District joined the CS-CaVE Team for an end-of-school-year celebration to share some of the most memorable experiences of the past year. Learn more and view some  pics …


Check Out Our New Recruitment Video for Young Women Interested in CS/CSP

CS-CaVE has collaborated with the UCSD NCWIT chapter to develop a CS/CSP recruitment video for female high school students who may be considering a CS Major for their college career. View the video below:


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